Top 10 Brand Design Company to Support Your Marketing Efforts

Finding the best brand design company is crucial for the effectiveness of your brand identity and marketing strategies. See the top 10 companies for getting superior brand design services.

brand design company

Branding agency 1

This company offers creative brand design services for all your business requirements. Their designs can enhance the marketing campaigns run by your organization. The company makes sure the advertisement stands out and the brand message is delivered properly to the target audience.

The custom made designs provided by the company will be fit for your business needs. You can get logo designs, brochure designs, package designs, etc., from this agency. The branding services offered by them are very competitively priced. So even companies with smaller budgets can also hire them.

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Branding agency 2

The design team has built a great reputation for delivering high-quality brand design solutions to a wide range of industries. They have been providing services for almost 15 years. Their passion for designing helped them delivering strategic solutions for small businesses to established firms.

They offer end to end brand strategies and creative execution that focused on the customers. The brand philosophy will be effectively conveyed through the brand designs to the audience. The designs will give the right tool for client organizations to attract their customers.

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Branding agency 3

Starting with the brand strategy is the methodology followed by a third company. For that, they will learn the purpose of the design, your target audience. To make the design unique, the designers will study your competitor’s brand design. their designs not only look good but also feel and function perfectly.

In this digital era, companies should find better ways to get customers’ attention. So a credible branding agency experienced in understanding the market and creating innovative designs can boost your business. They will achieve maximum results with affordable costs.

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Branding agency 4

As a provider of brand designing services, this company can communicate the brand identity to a wider audience which will help the clients to build strong brand recognition among customers. They will be aware of your business needs and device strategies to manage how customers perceive the brand.

They provide innovative ideas and constant efforts to convince the customers the brand is the best. Their designs can build an emotional connection between customers and products or services. The flexibility in their pricing makes them an ideal choice among others.

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Branding agency 5

When the brand image has strategic value and influences customers’ decision, skilled and experienced brand designers is significant. The vast range of diverse skills possessed by the designers in this company enables them to create exclusive solutions for enterprises in various industries.

They craft visual identities that represent a brand’s personality and tell their vision and mission to customers without any words. They understand the power of brand design to build brand awareness and its ability to create connections. So they create the designs targeting these factors and helps customers to differentiate your company from the competition.

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Branding agency 6

This is a branding design and web design agency. They provide a one-stop-shop for brand design, logo design, web design, and web development services. They closely collaborate with clients to create client-centric brand strategies. The design team can craft unique visual identities for each company.

Working with this company gives you memorable designs that will provide a distinct identity that will separate your organization from the competition. They have a straightforward approach to creating the designs. Their customized solutions are designed to suit your business needs.

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Branding agency 7

The seventh agency agrees that a great brand design needs to be carefully thought out to ensure maximum effectiveness. They the designs made by their proficient designers can catch the interest of your target audience.

Read the guide to ensure consistent brand identity

Designers in this company will examine and learn the clients’ market. This helps them to create designs that will reach customers and make a memorable impact. For example, their brochure designs can attract customers at first glance and tempt them to read them. This way the designs can support the marketing strategies of a company.

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Branding agency 8

With a decade of experience in the design industry, this company can expand your brand reach through compelling designs. Their designs are competent enough to ensure your brand stands out from the competition and attracts potential customers towards your business. You can have every elements related to your company to carry the brand identity. Some of the top eCommerce website theme design service providers incorporates the brand identity to their website designs.

To tell your brand story and grow your brand identity, the designers do thorough research about your company. They collect all possible information about your brand and combine them to form an appealing brand design. The logo design services offered by them can give a unique logo to your organization.

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Branding agency 9

Powerful brand designs are a simplified representation of companies. They can communicate brand stories through visual, written, and interactive ways. This brand design agency makes sure the designs have high-standard and uniqueness that gives a sense of reliability about your company to viewers.

Their methods are designed to increase the effectiveness of brand identity and marketing campaigns. This makes them one of the best brand identity design firms. They work closely with the business to deliver design services and build successful brand identities.

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Branding agency 10

This agency values innovation in the field of brand designing. They have a dedicated team of highly qualified individuals to deliver their design services. The brand design solutions offered by the agency include logo design, package design services, letterhead design, business card design, etc.

They are striving to provide clients with comprehensive branding design services.  This company helps clients to symbolize the brand philosophy and become the face of the company. The study company’s principles and incorporate them into designs.

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How Minimalist Web Design Makes Your Website Better Than Others?

Minimalist web designs are made with a minimum number of elements. So it will only contain essential things. Such simple looking websites can have more impact than other websites. So these design standards are useful for everyone, especially business website owners. because it can improve traffic and lead to more sales.

Minimalist Web Design

How Minimalist Website Design Improves a Website

Simple designs are always better than complex designs. But there are some reasons behind it that make a minimalist web design superior to others. You can learn those reasons from here.

Improve Site Readability

Most people don’t read the entire content on a web page. They try to locate the specific information that they want as quickly as possible. So readability of the site is important to improve user experience.

Sometimes, the user will already know where to find that information. For example, if they are looking for the address or other contact details, that will be probably located at the footer section of the page.

You must organize each web page with minimal design to guarantee that the users can get the data they are searching for more easily. Because in such design standard only essential elements are placed on the site and so there won’t be any distractions.

minimalist web design

Allows Easy Navigation

Navigation is a critical thing of a website. The navigation on the website should be user-friendly that lets users get information as soon as possible. The menu should be clearly visible. Make it stand out from the other elements of the page.

On many websites, the menu is overshadowed by animations, graphical designs, etc. But in the case of minimal design, there will be plenty of blank space. So everything on the website gets enough attention. So the navigation through the pages will be much easier than others.

Learn how to create top navigation bar from here

Highlight Your Content

Avoiding the excessive use of graphics and colors on a website can help designers to highlight each element on the website. The minimal design allows web designers to add large blank space between the elements to distinguish each of them.

If the blank space is increased drastically, then the design will look unattractive. The main trick behind the minimalist design is that it will keep a perfect balance between the amount of blank space and content.

Express Professionalism and Balance

You can make a site look attractive and creative by using different colors, patterns, textures, and graphical designs. But using all those things simultaneously is not a good idea.

Minimalist designs enable you to use the above-mentioned design elements without overwhelming which causes distraction. Some top website development company in India shows this kind of professionalism in their web designs.

minimalist website

Improves The Way in Which Users Process Information

Adding lesser elements not only makes the site look like a cleaner website but also a well-organized website. This is the reason behind minimalist designs are easier to navigate and find the information users want.

In this design standard, the whole site is much simpler to process information by the users.

Quicker Loading Time

Reducing the number of elements on a website can have a significant impact on loading time. To rank your website on top of search results, it must possess higher loading speeds.

If the website is slower than the competitor’s websites, then you may lose many potential customers.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization lets the search engine crawlers to easily crawl through the web pages. This may lead your site to have higher search engine rankings.

Also, loading speeds are a ranking factor. As mentioned earlier, minimal web designs have a higher loading speed. You need a reputable web design and development agency who understands the importance of SEO to build such websites.

Have A Responsive Website

For most websites, smartphone users contain a major part of potential customers. Your website should be capable to display on small screen devices. Minimalist designs give the designers the flexibility to make the sites mobile-friendly.

minimal website inspiration

Closing Thoughts on Minimalist Website Design

Minimal designs provide leaves a lot of space on a web page untouched. This is helping in highlighting every element on the site. So users can easily find out the information they are looking for. Removing unwanted things makes it load faster and improving user experience. Both of them are important to have SEO ranking that makes minimal designs SEO friendly.

About The Author

Author is an accomplished web designer working at psddesigntohtml. He is experienced in writing, designing, and developing all sorts websites.

Tips to Hire PHP Developer for Your Business Website Project

Hire PHP developer for creating a website needs to consider many factors. Because that particular platform gives many opportunities and to properly use them you need experienced developers. So this blog is about to give some advice to choose the developers wisely.

Hire PHP Developer

Top 6 Tips to Hire Dedicated PHP Developer

The main 6 tips for hiring a PHP programmer is given below.

1. Look for Experience

The technical proficiency and experience of a developer is an important thing in development. For a big project, hiring a fresher won’t be an ideal choice. An experienced programmer will be able to find out the obstructions that can occur during the development and successfully overcome them.

php programmers

2. Know Your Specific Business Requirements

You have to know what are your requirements. The objectives and goals should be communicating with the programmer. Create timelines and budgets for the project. By setting up all these aspects before choosing a Hypertext Preprocessor programmer can simplify the whole project. Then the developers can complete the project in minimum time.

3. Product Requirement

The specific requirement needs a particular PHP programmer who is well-versed in that field. According to your requirement, you may need some of the following development solutions.

  • Custom PHP Web Development Solution: Hire a dedicated PHP developer for making custom, well-performing, and highly secure web apps.
  • PHP Integration and Upgradation: This service can be used when you’re looking for integrating or upgrading existing applications with Hypertext Preprocessor technology.
  • MVP Product Development: Hire expert programmers for custom minimum valuable product development.
  • CMS Development: This is for building a custom content management system based on Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • PHP Cloud Solutions: For developing expert cloud services like PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, and other backend solutions based on Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • API Integration: This is for building and integrating custom APIs for the websites to enhance its performance.
hire php web developer

4. Research about Technology on Your Side

The most important thing before hiring programmers is that you must have a basic knowledge of the platform. Only then you can assess the possibilities of the particular project in your project and efficiently use them to improve your web traffic and sales. You can give suggestions that can significantly enhance the features and user experience.

Learn about PHP from w3schools

5. Reviewing Portfolios

Looking for the previous works of the developers will give you an understanding of their skills and work quality. Their years of experience and list of clients are also should be verified. If all these factors are good, you can go ahead.

6. Communication

The essential part of hiring an expert programmer is that the developer and client must build a strong relationship. The communication with the developer should be clear. He should perfectly understand your requirements. In the development phase, he should inform the project updates. If any of the stages have any problems, the client should know it.

hire php coders

Conclusion – Tips to Hire PHP Developer

The main tips for hiring Hypertext Preprocessor developers are explained in this article. There are many methods like checking their portfolio, know your requirement, doing small research about the technology, etc can be very useful in the selection process.

Author Bio

The author is an expert web developer working at pixelsolvent. He has 5 years of experience in the IT industry. His hobbies include watching movies, reading, writing, etc.

PSD to HTML Tutorial for beginners to Become an Expert Web Designer

PSD to HTML Tutorial

PSD to HTML Tutorial can give you a brief idea about this web design field to become a professional. So the first thing you need to know is that what is it? It’s a way to generate an optimized browser compatible website according to your customer requirements. The first stage in this designing the web page in Photoshop Document file and later it will convert to the mark-up language like HTML, XHTML, or HTML5.

Step-By-Step Guide to PSD to HTML Conversion

If you want to become an expert at this by learning more about image slicing or cutting, read the article given below to make the initial knowledge. The rest is up to you. Practice the methods over and over and do your projects based on these steps will make you an expert in this career.

psd to html

Analyze PSD File

Perform an in-depth analysis of the selected PSD file. This is an important step in the conversion process. Because the whole work is done based on this file and so if you miss any details in the analysis, then it will affect the whole project. The analysis can help you register the roadblocks that may occur during the conversion. Learn all aspects deeply and plan the conversion steps by providing all the necessary CSS codes and splitting the mock-up design, etc.

Slice Images from the PSD File

The first stage of the conversion is by cutting out all the images. Because the PSD file will mostly contain some images you may need in images you want from the CSS file which you can’t recreate by using the CSS exporting tool. Previously you had to cut the shadows and place them near the images. But technology advances very fast and now CSS3 has support for various shadow effects. So you need only the images, the shadowing part can be managed by CSS3.

psd to html converter

Produce HTML for Every Existing Section

A proficient web developer can divide a single page into different sections. To keep the uniformity of the page the developers write every HTML segment from top to bottom. HTML5 simplified the code sectioning and made it more efficient than before. This helps the companies doing PSD to HTML5 conversion to complete the work in minimal time. Provide logo and menu points in the header section. Add a special line to separate the main content and header. Many websites show a slide show under the header. So if your website has that, add this section with necessary code and images to slide across the page. Images and other texts are located in the content section. The footer section with some links and contact details will present at the bottom. Once you added all this, review it for any syntax corrections.

Arrange Your Styling with CSS

This stage is where you add some styling to the design elements with CSS. If you opt to go with the Bootstrap framework, you may already have some sort of styling. But add some personal touch to the designs. For this, there are three key preprocessors namely Stylus, SASS, and LESS. They have many advantages and the major one is it helps to make use of the variables.

photoshop to html

Wrapping Up the PSD to HTML Tutorial

The steps given above can teach you more about converting a Photoshop document file to the mark-up language HTML. But like already mentioned, at the end of the day, it’s all about the efforts you put in the work. Train yourself by using the steps while doing the conversion work for a new site. The practice will help you to excel.

Author Bio

The author has been working with many clients for more than four years. He is currently working as a website content writer in He is usually interested in watching movies and writing blogs related to web design and development.

Key Elements of WordPress Website Design You should be Familiar With

WordPress Website Design

When it comes marketing and advertisement, colors, shapes and sizes are indeed very helpful in conveying the business intent as well as influencing potential/prospective customers and clients. That’s why web design is very crucial in promoting brand, products and services in the digital age. WordPress provides the platform for efficient design and maintenance of business web sites and here are somethings you should pay attention too so as to get the best out of your business web site.

1. Branding

The type of visual display you create for your business says a lot about you and your business. The perception of confidence, integrity, and professionalism you create will do you great favour in building investors confidence and belief in your approach. In WordPress you will find that these elements come in handy

  • Logo: as the imperial eagle represented the pride and might of Rome, so too is the logo you choose. That’s to showcase what you stand for.
  • Color palette: colors influence moods and attitudes towards things. The right mixture of color texture and visual effects of primary and secondary colors is the ideal.
  • Typography: since you can’t really predict the type or model of devices your clients might use, you have to make the fronts eligible, and compatible.
wordpress website designer

2. Navigation

With millions of web sites available on the internet, most surfers spend less than 15sec on a site except they are really interested. That’s why your site should be navigable with ease and fluidity. Scrolling up and down, the layout arrangement, menu style and boldness of texts can all affect your visitors attitude to your site.

3. Responsive Layout

Your site must be able to fit across a variety of devices, desktops, PCs, Tablets and smartphones. Mobile friendly apps and sites are the trend as they are as twice the number of internet users using mobile phones than laptops and desktops put together. You can get many themes from

4. Hero Banner

Your home page is the first and probably the only page most visitors will encounter on your site. First impressions matter especially with little time afforded to fully engage the visitor individually. Your banner must be placed with sensitivity as it tells who you are, what you should be expected from you. Catchy pictures and informative/educative short videos will do the trick. Go to w3schools to learn how to create a hero banner/image.

5. Media

Surveys show that people spend less time reading and preferably watch pictures and videos. Brilliant colors and sharp images are more effective ways of reaching out to customers, the cut right to the chase. Like they say, a picture can speak thousand words.

wordpress home page design

6. CTA

When it comes to clickable call-to-action, the positioning, outlook, words, the feeling of urgency and subtle manipulation of sights and sounds can determine weather visitors are converted to clients. Simple things could make or mar the user experience, that’s why knowing how to subtly manipulate emotional responses and visual stimulation is pertinent.

7. Contact Form

How can visitors reach you when they want to make further inquiry or ask questions? This must be made quick and easy. If you are still confused about setting up a contact form, you can ask a freelance wordpress developer for some help.

8. Pop-ups

Due to most recent developments, intrusive ads are getting the hammer, nonetheless, .pre innovative techniques can still be utilised but used wisely. E.g Slide-ins and Sticky banners.

9. Blog

Content development has become an indispensable part of B2B and B2C relations. Writing texts, uploading and updating of images, info-graphs and videos are excellent ways to connect and interact with visitors. It keeps them on their toes, engaged and always anticipating for the next big thing. That’s why it’s advisable to own a blog to share business goals, past and future projects across various social media platforms and improve ratings and visibility.

10. Social Media Links

You keep your trail on your visitors, encouraging them to stay in contact and share the bands reputation and products with others. Social media icons can serve also as reminders, WordPress design services can implement these kind of additions easily to the website.

wordpress web design services

11. Newsletter Signup

You can send the latest info and news directly to the visitors email address. Just make sure you respect their privacy and privacy laws and don’t over load them with unnecessary details.

Wrapping Up

With these firmly in your back-pocket, you can go ahead and design an impressive site and hopefully convert visitors to clients, higher rankings on SEO and ultimately more brand awareness.

What Is Psd to Html and Why Is It Important for Web Development

Psd to Html

With the influx of better improved network capabilities, fibre optic transmissions, internet ubiquity and scalability, more and more people are becoming ‘netizens’ by the hour. To keep up with the pace, every business owner has to learn to adopt and adapt to the current trends and technologies. When it comes to Social Media Marketing and Branding, PSD to HTML conversion is one of them

PSD To HTML Conversion: What Exactly It Is

In Web design, it means extracting file from PhotoShopAdobe (PSD) to Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML). It’s a systematic workflow process that has these steps which are:

1. PSD Design is Crafted

Adobe is used to design, edit and creating pixel-perfect and captivating designs and images. It has all the necessary tools that is efficient for designers to manoeuvre shapes and colour texture to design beautiful images and graphics.

2. Component is Sliced

Breaking up of design into multiple smaller images that can be coded and fitted into functional parts of the web page. This enables faster loading and assigning of various attributes to these images.

psd to html converter

3. HTML Coding is Done

When the design task is completed, it is time to create styles files. CSS is used to refine and define the various features of the site, the menu style, aesthetic simulation, colour pattern, front size and type. This is where professional coding is very crucial.

4. Website is Ready

Once everything is in order and on further addition is needed, the web site can be launched immediately.

Why is it Vital to Convert PSD to HTML?

Some people ask why not just do the design on HTML. Well here are some of the reasons why:

1. Helps Developer Maintain Consistency

It avoids the pain of double work as PSD is a more veritable tool when it comes to creative work and art design. You are free to make changes, edit and recreate images.

psd to html tutorial

2. Eases Website Maintenance

Where further editing or maintenance work might be required, it makes it easy to organize by many modules. It helps reduce the post-project maintenance cost.

3. Pixel Perfect & Cross Browser Compatibility

As stated earlier, the PSD design produces amazing graphics and pictorial concepts and stunning beauty. This leaves the developer with finishing touches using codes to make it responsive across various browsers and seamless user experience.

4. Implement W3C Standard in Website

Following the norms and globally accepted standard gives a web site an edge in accessing overseas markets and attending to a wider range of clients.

export psd to html

Closing Thoughts on PSD to HTML

PSD to responsive HTML is done to develop a dynamic and functional website from the static PSD file. It offers a spectrum of advantages that are vital for web development and attract developers to it.It is a cost-effective way of building a web site, it is the surest way to maintain an effective, fluid, flexible and functional site that is SEO oriented and aims to improve the experience and attitude of its visitors.

Advantages of Having a Website for Your Small Business

Websites can be used as a marketing tool for your business. In a competitive market, a well-designed and maintained website can expand your brand image. Having a website can give you more advantages like getting more business leads, improve your customer service. But most of the small businesses don’t have websites.

Advantages of Having a Website

The Benefits of a Website for Small Business

1. Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness

You can place your website address on all of your promotional items. This will allow users to visit that website and know the details they are looking for.

2. Save Money on Printing and Distribution Costs

The websites can act as an online catalog of your business. But unlike a normal catalog or brochure, it can have changed at any time. You can add CMS (Content Management System) to the site you change contents of the website quickly with no charge.

3. Easy Access to New Customers

Existing customers can share URL or web address to their friends and relatives who are potential customers.

4. Easy to Use and Update

Keeping a website up-to-date is not a tough job. Anyone can make changes or edits on the site using a computer with an internet connection. So paying for the programmer for changing a date or adding a new product is not necessary.

5. Improve Productivity

All the information the user needs to know is available 24×7 on the website. So spending time explaining about your company can be reduced and in turn, the productivity of the firm will increase.

6. Educate Your Customers

You can give instructions about your product or service through your website at any time. For example, give directions for how to use a product, how to maintain the product, etc.

7. Expand Your Market

Your business can reach anywhere in the world through the internet which means the business can have customers around the globe. The potential consumers can see your website and purchase products from there. Buying and selling products online is always cheaper and convenient for both sellers and consumers.

startup website

8. Extend Your Local Reach

Extend your business’s physical location reach to users all over the world. Your shop is open for them with all the details they can have at any time they want.

9. Promote and Sell Products & Services

Add images and detailed descriptions of the products or services on the websites. Give details about why it is better than your competitors.

10. Promote Your Physical Business Footprint

The seller can post details like phone number, address and other relevant information on the websites if a customer wants to contact you.

11. When You Change Locations

If your business is moved to another location, your customers can still find you through that website. You can make the necessary changes to the website after the relocation.

12. Great Tool for Finding New Employees

The employer can post new job openings in his firm on their website. they can ask their queries and apply online for the job.

13. Your Own Internet Identity

A website containing the brand name in the domain helps to build a strong brand identity. You can also refer 5 Top Small Business Web Design Tips to Follow for more details.

14. Set-up Email Addresses

The employer can set-up a personalized e-mail address by their website for himself and all other employees. This can be used during e-mail interactions with customers and informing them about the new offers and market new products.

15. Two-Way Communication

Contact with customers will become easier. They can give feedback about the products and know the product’s price and availability through the websites.

16. Cheap Market Research

The business owners can organize online surveys and opinion polls to know the pulse of their customers.

business site

17. Build Your Reputation

Write blog posts and articles about things in your area of expertise and on your website to educate the visitors. This will help you build a reputation.

18. Improve Customer Service

Better customer service can be provided using auto-responding bots on both day and night. You can hire any affordable web design company for building website for your small business and they can help you with the auto-response.

Ethiopian Coffee Beans and Brands Analysed by East to Middle East Fze

The roasting of darkly colored and slightly acidic coffee beans is the major part of the preparation of coffee. The stimulating effect makes consumers to drink it. According to the latest studies, it is slightly good for health. The most common bean variants are Robusta and Arabica and both of them were originated in Ethiopia.

coffee bean exporters

Various Ethiopian Coffee Types

Coffees from Ethiopia have a different level of quality. They are processed naturally or washed. The processing method defines the final taste of it. These are categorized according to this flavor. Some of their common types are:

1. Sidamo

Among others, Sidamo is less costly but still have high quality. The green and raw bean can be dried and processed to store for many years. But once they’re roasted, they can’t be stored for long.

2. Yirgacheffe

They have a sweet flavor and smell when treated with toasted coconut. Also, they have spicy, fragrant and considered as the best high grown coffees.

3. Harrar

It is also a spicy and fragrant producing berry. It looks bright and feels fruity. This is a form of Arabica beans grown in Harrar.

4. Limu

These are soft and have a flowery taste, with the suggestions of citrus. They undergo wet processing and have less fragrant than others.

top coffee producers

History of Coffees Brands in Ethiopia

The coffee plants were born in Abyssinia. The place is currently known as Ethiopia. It was used as a drink since the 9th century. Before they considered as a drink they grew on trees in the Kaffa forested region.

Now, this is an important export commodity of Sidamo and Kaffa and known as Arabica. The World’s 70% of coffees are from there. There is also another variety called robusta which mainly used in blends. It will take four years to get the berries after planting. Their taste will have differences due to the region they are made. One of the greatest coffees you can get is Harrar.

What Makes Harrar’s Coffees So Great?

They are grown in Ethiopia, where the world’s best beans are produced. This is what makes them so special. These are full-bodied, spicy and fragrant and dry processed and it is considered an Arabica. the Oromia region is where they grew. This place is also known as the Harrar region. This place is located in the southern part of the country.

The costs of Harrar can vary from place to place. But mostly it will be less than thirty dollars. You can purchase coffee from shops of Ethiopia, international food markets or online stores. But when purchasing them try to ensure that they hundred percent pure. Going to the Ethiopia shops will give you more details about them.

coffee beans


Ethiopian coffee beans have the best taste in the world. The country has a very interesting history of its production. So next time when you are going for purchase, buy some Harrar beans and experience its flavor by yourself. Quality and taste are always their trademark.

The author of the article is a marketing expert who’s working at East to Middle East Fze. He has 5 years of work experience and interested in writing blogs about the food product industry.