8-Step Instagram Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Sales

Is your Instagram marketing strategy results in sales? If the answer is “no” and you are in the eCommerce industry, it’s time to change your actions. Because it would be a vast understatement to claim that business is growing on Instagram.

According to Instagram, 60% of users rely on them to search and find products. Retailers and online shop brands alike are considering Instagram as a kind of extension of their current stores as a result.

instagram marketing strategy

Instagram Marketing Strategy to Drive More Sales

Here are some of the best Instagram marketing strategies for businesses.

1. Follow a Product-Focused Content Calendar

First and foremost, what should you post?

Product-related posts are among the most well-liked categories of content on Instagram, as mentioned in our guide to social commerce.

Brands should not be bashful about showcasing their items, even though they should certainly avoid spamming their fans.

As corny as it may sound, appearance is everything. You won’t gain any traction by providing only dead, uninteresting product photographs.

Instead, think about how you might showcase your products in fashionable settings.

Videos should unquestionably be included in your Instagram marketing strategy in addition to images. Anything that is eye-catching and amusing is acceptable, from short advertising to videos that can be looped in the Boomerang fashion.

Even huge corporations produce entertaining, entertaining video content to showcase their goods.

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2. Make Your Voice & Creativity Count

Because of the “gold rush” mindset of making sales on Instagram, firms frequently face intense competition.

You need to be creative if you want to stand out from the competition. The brands with the highest following counts are frequently those that can carve out a certain niche or trademark.

Additionally, there are more options to sell the more followers you have. Although there isn’t a single “correct” technique to engage your audience, let’s look at a few instances.

On Instagram, color is a subtle (and occasionally not-so-subtle) way to catch someone’s eye. An excellent illustration of a Skullcandy color-specific collage is seen in the image above.

The company frequently switches up its color choices, creating an eye-catching feed that keeps fans on their toes.

Humor is another well-liked strategy for Instagram impression-making. People will typically like humorous content as a type of “break” from conventional sales pitches, whether it’s a meme or witty caption.

Despite this, it is definitely possible to incorporate comedy into blogs that feature products. On your brand’s Instagram, you don’t have to be a comedian, but some funny content will go a long way.

Don’t worry if humor isn’t your brand’s strong suit. Another well-liked approach for brands to use on Instagram to interact with followers is inspiration and encouragement.

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3. Use the Appropriate Hashtags in Your Posts

Instagram hashtags are ubiquitous. But despite this, the brands that attempt to spam them don’t fully comprehend their purpose.

Hashtags encourage people to share content connected to your brand and make it easier for new followers to find your content. For eCommerce firms, a brand-specific hashtag, for instance, is essential.

Fans can showcase their most recent purchases and crafts related to the brand by promoting their hashtag in their Instagram bio and other content.

However, branded hashtags aren’t the end-all-be-all for brands. There are numerous hashtags available that are pertinent to your target audience in both communities and industries.

Despite the fact that these tags are undoubtedly specialized, they draw attention to a very small group of consumers who are eager to interact with companies. Brands that wish to focus on a certain audience to sell to and target could search via these types of hashtags.

The “optimal” number of hashtags is a subject of some discussion. Even while Instagram only allows 30 tags per post, utilizing that many tags can feel like keyword stuffing, which is bad for brands.

In general, you’ll see that prominent brands adopt a “less is more” philosophy. Try different tags, and if at all possible, try at least one that isn’t your brand’s. The web designers in Kochi at www.freelancewebdesigner.biz also deliver SMM services using Instagram and they make sure the content has suitable keywords.

4. Curate and Promote User-Generated Content

This is one of the best Instagram marketing strategies.

Again, from a marketing standpoint, client images are worth their weight in gold. One of the finest strategies to promote your business and product to the Instagram audience is to fill your content calendar with user-generated content (UGC).

It is feasible to find these photographs “by hand,” but it takes time. Digging through hashtag mentions and manually requesting permission for every single piece of user-generated content isn’t exactly efficient, especially if your followers frequently submit customer images.

Our social collection features make it easier to find UGC in the wild and let you distribute it without continually requesting permission from individual users.

5. Use Instagram Stories to Sell

Currently, stories are the most popular type of content on Instagram.

Stories are no longer simply a curiosity for e-commerce firms and shops thanks to their 500 million daily users.

When it comes to product promotion, stories give marketers a tonne of creative latitude. Want to share a spontaneous selfie? A set of professional product images with a clear call to action? You may do both with the use of stories, promoting your business prominently in the Instagram feeds of your followers.

Keep in mind that Stories are always receiving a tonne of new features and stickers. It’s a good idea to keep up with these new features so you can stay relevant with your clientele.

Adapting your Instagram marketing strategy implies staying current with these capabilities in order to create future Stories that are more engaging.

6. Design Landing Pages Just for Instagram

Instagram only provides businesses with just a single, priceless bio link to drive visitors from the app directly to your website.

Don’t let this property go wasted.

Don’t, for instance, merely include your homepage link in your Instagram bio. By doing this, you are limiting your capacity to evaluate the performance of your Instagram marketing strategy as well as your social traffic and ROI. And don’t forget to optimize your landing pages for Instagram’s primarily mobile user audience.

This is precisely why many businesses promote landing pages specifically designed for Instagram or, at the absolute least, landing pages that are mobile-friendly. This has two advantages: first, you give customers a smooth purchase experience, and second, you can track how successfully your Instagram followers convert.

Track the clicks and conversions associated with your Instagram bio link, at the very least. Both of the firms mentioned above employ Bitly links, which, in addition to Instagram’s built-in analytics, may help you analyze the behavior of your Instagram traffic.

7. Use Instagram Ads to Promote Your Most Popular Products

Paid ads shouldn’t be too far behind once you’ve mastered your organic Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram’s ad platform, in particular for eCommerce and retail firms, is worthwhile investigating because it enables you to scale your promotions and target specialized groups.

8. Develop Connections with Influencers

Instagram influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular since it is a more genuine type of paid advertising.

Working with influencers enables marketers to introduce themselves to completely new audiences while giving their brand a human face.

In order to communicate with consumers, brands collaborate with influencers of all sizes.

8-Step Instagram Marketing Strategy to Increase Your Sales – Summary

The article will help you create Instagram marketing campaigns more effectively and gain more clients.

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