Key Elements of WordPress Website Design You should be Familiar With

WordPress Website Design

When it comes marketing and advertisement, colors, shapes and sizes are indeed very helpful in conveying the business intent as well as influencing potential/prospective customers and clients. That’s why web design is very crucial in promoting brand, products and services in the digital age. WordPress provides the platform for efficient design and maintenance of business web sites and here are somethings you should pay attention too so as to get the best out of your business web site.

1. Branding

The type of visual display you create for your business says a lot about you and your business. The perception of confidence, integrity, and professionalism you create will do you great favour in building investors confidence and belief in your approach. In WordPress you will find that these elements come in handy

  • Logo: as the imperial eagle represented the pride and might of Rome, so too is the logo you choose. That’s to showcase what you stand for.
  • Color palette: colors influence moods and attitudes towards things. The right mixture of color texture and visual effects of primary and secondary colors is the ideal.
  • Typography: since you can’t really predict the type or model of devices your clients might use, you have to make the fronts eligible, and compatible.
wordpress website designer

2. Navigation

With millions of web sites available on the internet, most surfers spend less than 15sec on a site except they are really interested. That’s why your site should be navigable with ease and fluidity. Scrolling up and down, the layout arrangement, menu style and boldness of texts can all affect your visitors attitude to your site.

3. Responsive Layout

Your site must be able to fit across a variety of devices, desktops, PCs, Tablets and smartphones. Mobile friendly apps and sites are the trend as they are as twice the number of internet users using mobile phones than laptops and desktops put together. You can get many themes from

4. Hero Banner

Your home page is the first and probably the only page most visitors will encounter on your site. First impressions matter especially with little time afforded to fully engage the visitor individually. Your banner must be placed with sensitivity as it tells who you are, what you should be expected from you. Catchy pictures and informative/educative short videos will do the trick. Go to w3schools to learn how to create a hero banner/image.

5. Media

Surveys show that people spend less time reading and preferably watch pictures and videos. Brilliant colors and sharp images are more effective ways of reaching out to customers, the cut right to the chase. Like they say, a picture can speak thousand words.

wordpress home page design

6. CTA

When it comes to clickable call-to-action, the positioning, outlook, words, the feeling of urgency and subtle manipulation of sights and sounds can determine weather visitors are converted to clients. Simple things could make or mar the user experience, that’s why knowing how to subtly manipulate emotional responses and visual stimulation is pertinent.

7. Contact Form

How can visitors reach you when they want to make further inquiry or ask questions? This must be made quick and easy. If you are still confused about setting up a contact form, you can ask a freelance wordpress developer for some help.

8. Pop-ups

Due to most recent developments, intrusive ads are getting the hammer, nonetheless, .pre innovative techniques can still be utilised but used wisely. E.g Slide-ins and Sticky banners.

9. Blog

Content development has become an indispensable part of B2B and B2C relations. Writing texts, uploading and updating of images, info-graphs and videos are excellent ways to connect and interact with visitors. It keeps them on their toes, engaged and always anticipating for the next big thing. That’s why it’s advisable to own a blog to share business goals, past and future projects across various social media platforms and improve ratings and visibility.

10. Social Media Links

You keep your trail on your visitors, encouraging them to stay in contact and share the bands reputation and products with others. Social media icons can serve also as reminders, WordPress design services can implement these kind of additions easily to the website.

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11. Newsletter Signup

You can send the latest info and news directly to the visitors email address. Just make sure you respect their privacy and privacy laws and don’t over load them with unnecessary details.

Wrapping Up

With these firmly in your back-pocket, you can go ahead and design an impressive site and hopefully convert visitors to clients, higher rankings on SEO and ultimately more brand awareness.