PSD to HTML Tutorial for beginners to Become an Expert Web Designer

PSD to HTML Tutorial

PSD to HTML Tutorial can give you a brief idea about this web design field to become a professional. So the first thing you need to know is that what is it? It’s a way to generate an optimized browser compatible website according to your customer requirements. The first stage in this designing the web page in Photoshop Document file and later it will convert to the mark-up language like HTML, XHTML, or HTML5.

Step-By-Step Guide to PSD to HTML Conversion

If you want to become an expert at this by learning more about image slicing or cutting, read the article given below to make the initial knowledge. The rest is up to you. Practice the methods over and over and do your projects based on these steps will make you an expert in this career.

psd to html

Analyze PSD File

Perform an in-depth analysis of the selected PSD file. This is an important step in the conversion process. Because the whole work is done based on this file and so if you miss any details in the analysis, then it will affect the whole project. The analysis can help you register the roadblocks that may occur during the conversion. Learn all aspects deeply and plan the conversion steps by providing all the necessary CSS codes and splitting the mock-up design, etc.

Slice Images from the PSD File

The first stage of the conversion is by cutting out all the images. Because the PSD file will mostly contain some images you may need in images you want from the CSS file which you can’t recreate by using the CSS exporting tool. Previously you had to cut the shadows and place them near the images. But technology advances very fast and now CSS3 has support for various shadow effects. So you need only the images, the shadowing part can be managed by CSS3.

psd to html converter

Produce HTML for Every Existing Section

A proficient web developer can divide a single page into different sections. To keep the uniformity of the page the developers write every HTML segment from top to bottom. HTML5 simplified the code sectioning and made it more efficient than before. This helps the companies doing PSD to HTML5 conversion to complete the work in minimal time. Provide logo and menu points in the header section. Add a special line to separate the main content and header. Many websites show a slide show under the header. So if your website has that, add this section with necessary code and images to slide across the page. Images and other texts are located in the content section. The footer section with some links and contact details will present at the bottom. Once you added all this, review it for any syntax corrections.

Arrange Your Styling with CSS

This stage is where you add some styling to the design elements with CSS. If you opt to go with the Bootstrap framework, you may already have some sort of styling. But add some personal touch to the designs. For this, there are three key preprocessors namely Stylus, SASS, and LESS. They have many advantages and the major one is it helps to make use of the variables.

photoshop to html

Wrapping Up the PSD to HTML Tutorial

The steps given above can teach you more about converting a Photoshop document file to the mark-up language HTML. But like already mentioned, at the end of the day, it’s all about the efforts you put in the work. Train yourself by using the steps while doing the conversion work for a new site. The practice will help you to excel.

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